High Performance Stone


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What is Terrazzo?

Unleash the full potential of technological Terrazzo COMPAC with the High Performance Stone properties. The material that reinvents itself to offer a wide versatility of applications that provides a solution to all surfaces, including outdoor, countertops and bathroom partitions. Repaired and repolishable in a simple way.

Terrazzo COMPAC Classic New White

Indoor Specifications for Terrazzo

USES: Floors, walls, staircases, bathroom vanity tops, friezes, door and window frames, columns, fireplaces, furniture, façades and high pedestrian transit surfaces (stores, shopping centers, museums…)
FINISHES: Polished, matt, bush-hammered and Silken.
FORMATS:24”x24”; 24”x16” and slabs 120”x48”
STANDARDIZED THICKNESSES: 1/2”; 3/4” and 1 1/4” thicknesses depending on use and format
LOW COST maintenance and easy cleaning
LIGHTER: Savings in transport cost and easy installation
MAXIMUM impact and flexural resistance
img-60-esptecFIRE RESISTANCE classed as A2 (Euroclasses)
img-80-esptecCAN BE POLISHED AFTER INTENSE USE, recovering its original gloss
img-100-esptecSetting with ADHESIVE CEMENT
img-120-esptecTERRAZZO: 91-96% natural terrazzo, to which resins and other bonding agents are added

Outdoor Specifications for Terrazzo

Ventilated façades are a vertical siding system for buildings that uses an outer siding material enclosing a ventilated air chamber and a layer of continuous thermal insulation against the inner building wall.

For over 20 years COMPAC Terrazzo has been used as a siding material for ventilated façades in many countries. We now have over 1.5 million m2 of this material installed on building façades.

Some international companies specializing in ventilated façade systems, like the French company Vetisol, have even developed systems especially designed for use with COMPAC Terrazzo.

ENERGY EFFICIENCY: Ventilated façades contribute to reducing energy expenses in modern buildings. The thermal insulation is a continuous layer that prevents heat transfer from the metal framework edges and the vertical supports
PROTECTION AGAINST ATMOSPHERIC AGENTS: The outer leaf receives the direct impact of rain and sun, but since it is separated from the inner leaf, it minimizes these effects
ELIMINATION OF CONDENSATION AND HUMIDITY FROM THE “CHIMNEY EFFECT”. The air behind the outer leaf is heated and therefore rises, taking with it the humidity deposited on the thermal insulation
CHOICE OF AESTHETIC COMPOSITION: In view of the great flexibility in choosing siding modules, building façade design is made easy
IDEAL FOR RENOVATION WORK: With a simple assembly over an existing wall, a façade can be restored easily and quickly, improving aesthetic and technical conditions, with no need to disturb dwellers or users of the building


Technical specifications
COMPAC Terrazzo presents a more homogeneous color, it is lighter and its aesthetic possibilities are more versatile than natural terrazzo.This material is resistant to water and to humidity. It is a vacuum-compacted material with zero porosity so it is impervious to water.



Quality Certificates

Certificate for the terrazzo product range (floors) referring to building and construction products according to fire resistance classes, as tested by the CTF (Fire Technology Center of the Construction Technology Institute AIDICO, Spain) pursuant to the standard UNE-EN 13501-1:07.
Greenguard mark This certificate issued by the Greenguard Environmental Institute guarantees that COMPAC products comply with indoor air quality standards covering volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The seals granted are Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified and Greenguard Children & Schools Certified, with the latter being one of the strictest standards in the industry.
The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is transforming the way we design, build, maintain and operate our buildings, homes and communities.USGBC is committed to a prosperous and sustainable future through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings.




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