Environmental Commitment

Our guiding principles

COMPAC's ultimate aim, which we continually strive to realize, is to be an eco-efficient company that uses 100% recycled or renewably-sourced raw materials for the manufacture of our products.


We built our first water recovery and reuse plant - the most innovative and advanced at the moment - reusing 50% of all water in our processes at a time when no industrial standard called for this type of water treatment.

Today we reuse 95% of all water.


Ventilated Façades

We devoloped a material for ventilated façades in compliance with all existing product standards and approval processes.
Ventilated façades provided significant energy savings in buildings, and we have now reached  over 1,5 million square meters of façades all over the world.


Power use now down 40%

We incorporated a revolucionary new block-cutting system that has increased efficiency in the use of raw materials 25%.


We have improved our block-cutting production management to reduce power consumption 40%.

90% better efficiency in polishing processes.


We increased our polishing process efficiency by 90%, becoming the Spanish stone manufacturer with the most advanced technology for these processes.

30.000 trees

In 2003 we implemented an environmental policy to offset our CO2 impact on the environment by the year 2015. To archieve this, we have already reforested over 5.000 trees native to Portugal, reaching over a third of our overall objetive.

Renewable sources

Since 2011 100% of all electric power used at the Abrantes plant (Portugal) for manufacturing our technological quartz products comes from renewable energy sources.


Since March 2011 our “Nature” line products are made using high-technology “BIOresins” from renewable plant sources. Our goal is to manufacture an easily recyclable product from 100% recycled rew materials.


All emissions into the atmosphere from our production process are within the established legal limits.