Corporate Social Responsability

At COMPAC we think we can play an important role on people’s lives, not only as employers, but as an active community developing actor.

Through our Corporate Social Responsibility Program, we start some voluntary actions to actively contribute to the social, economic and environment improvement of our environment:


Since 2003 our Abrantes plant has been carrying out a reforestation project in Portugal aimed at offsetting our CO2 emissions. In 2012 we continued our reforestation programme and reached the total of 30.000 native pines on our lands.


Our investment in R & D BIO projects made possible a more sustainable product with raw materials from biodegradable plant origin. Its great advantage over currently used, is that much of the resin used in the manufacture does not come from oil.


All waste products generated during our production processes are managed by authorized agents.

At each of our plants, the COMPAC CORPORATE group promotes the selective collection of different waste products generated during manufacturing: paper and cardboard, plastic, wood, organic matter, used batteries, etc.

This waste is properly separated to promote recycling or recovery. To achieve this we have properly equipped, temporary storage areas at each of our plants.


The factory in Gandia has a system for collecting and storing rain water for industrial use.

100% of the water used in our industrial processes is treated in our water treatment plant, where we separate sludge from water and re-use this in subsequent processes.

Water supplies for processes to compensate for losses in sludge or evaporation come from underground water resources and/or rainwater, without using water from public networks.


Our production lines incorporate soundproofing booths on the machines generating the most noise so as to reduce noise exposure levels for our workers, as well as ambient noise.


We promote clean energy use and electricity from renewable energy sources. Periodically we perform energy audits of systems and production processes to achieve greater efficiency reducing the consumption.


We implement other actions and rules for reducing emissions related to energy supply:

  • Replacement of computer equipment that implements other energy saving measures and lower power demand.
  • Removal of individual air conditioning equipment, in favor of centralized systems.
  • All new equipment purchases are made based upon an energy assessment, selecting those that have better energy rating.

We implement other actions and rules for reducing emissions related to energy supply:

At Compac, we always ensure health and safety for workers, suppliers, subcontractors and customers, with safe work processes fully in place.

We encourage in-house training and information to our customers by publishing our best working practices.


Our HR department develops various training activities to improve the quality of employees to prevent risks and increase energy efficiency.


We work with various associations and NGOs of social from both Spain and Portugal, mostly related to children and social reintegration.


We have agreements with different training schools for the implementation of work practices in our facilities.