Obsidiana COMPAC Dark y Cloud

The launch of Obsidiana COMPAC in the media

Launch of Obsidian, a sustainable and recyclable material

A material born to fill any space with extraordinary beauty. With its #TheEthicalBeauty flag philosophy, it represents the inspiration of the human being in nature to avoid generating waste and opens wide the doors of the future of the industry.

The result of a great work of innovation and environmental commitment has been that numerous media have echoed the launch of Obsidiana COMPAC: ArchiPro, Alimarket, ProfesionalesHoy and Noticias Infurma; all references in specialized communication to professionals in architecture, construction, interior design, decoration, etc.

ArchiPro, the prestigious New Zealand online platform for inspiration and information for architectural projects, interviews Paco Sanchis, CEO of COMPAC The Surfaces Company on the occasion of the launch of the new recycled and recyclable material, Obsidiana COMPAC.

ProfesionalesHoy appreciates the environmental commitment of Obsidiana COMPAC, referring to the Sustainability Award, received in the framework of the 30’S Choice Awards at the last edition of the KBIS international fair held in Las Vegas.

Alimarket recounts Arik Levy’s designs for the Waterstorm concept – bathtub and skin– where the flexibility and adaptability of the material, whose launch is a commitment to sustainability, are revealed.

Noticias Infurma reports the launch showing the company’s commitment to the environment and art; COMPAC’s decorative surfaces bring a fresh and innovative vision to the market with a clear intention of leading the market and highlighting that the Company’s CSR is a reality