COMPAC to Collaborate with The Region of Valencia Official Association of Interior Designers

COMPAC has established a new collaboration with the Region of Valencia Official Association of Interior Designers. The alliance was formalised in an agreement signed by Pepe Cosín, Dean of the Region of Valencia Official Association of Interior Designers (CDICV), and Paco Sanchis, COMPAC CEO.

The partnership is an outcome from the La Casa EAD project, established some 18 years ago by the Association as a consolidated design space to provide recognition for Partner Businesses. Encompassing over 150 national firms, it promotes and incentivises the design business sector, creating a professional space to generate new ties, encourage talent and foment synergies amongst members.

COMPAC is joining a project that hosts conferences, seminars, courses and professional meetings, whilst offering an active dynamic space to build unique innovative professional partnerships between the business and industrial sectors.

The Region of Valencia Official Association of Interior Designers is a professional institute with over 40 years of consolidated experience. The main focus of the organisation is to promote and advocate for the profession, as well as provide services to interior designers. Moreover, it has over 300 professional members and is one of the top driving forces for activities in the design and culture sector.

Both COMPAC and the CDICV are joining forces to create a promising future for the world of design. According to Paco Sanchis, COMPAC CEO: ‘It is an honour to create partnerships with renowned associations such as La Casa EAD. In line with its approach and values, COMPAC is committed to innovation and design, and we are honoured to collaborate on projects such as this one that encourage talent, professionalism and creativity in the sector.’

Founded in 1975, COMPAC was the first Spanish company to specialise in manufacturing and marketing marble, quartz and Obsidiana COMPAC surfaces. Today, it is a large 100% Spanish-owned multinational whose global expansion has preserved a sense of agility and independent spirit in decision-making. COMPAC has two modern manufacturing sites in Spain and Portugal, and employs over 300 professionals across 90 countries. It is fully committed to the importance of ongoing innovation and the new needs and sensibilities in today’s society.

From its early beginnings, COMPAC has been a pioneering and visionary company in terms of sustainability and innovation. It has remained steadfast in producing high-quality unique designs with an ongoing professional commitment to protecting the environment.