COMPAC® invites you to a new experience at Le Galerie Granitrans

Experience the excellence of COMPAC® materials live at Le Galerie Granitrans in Paris. An impressive space dedicated to showcasing various exceptional applications of some of COMPAC®’s most exclusive designs.

COMPAC® welcomes a fascinating new experience with this showroom in Paris. The captivating sophistication of Petra™ designs, the majesty of the Ice of Genesis™ collection and the versatility of materials such as Obsidian allow you to discover a world of possibilities in every detail.

In the heart of France, Le Galerie Granitrans has become a showcase of excellence where you can admire materials such as Terrazzo and Obsidian COMPAC® transformed into surfaces that have remarkable technical versatility and elevate any space to a level of incomparable distinction.

The exclusive designs of the Ice of Genesis™ collection, born from the collaboration with Arik Levy, can also be found in this showroom in Paris, where they are revealed in different spaces, applications and shapes, creating environments that radiate luxury and innovation.

In this new showroom, the perfect fusion of originality, minimalism and sophistication in each of our designs and materials on display comes to life. Le Galerie Granitrans showcases COMPAC® surfaces that not only shine with beauty, but also stand the test of time in a sublime way.

We invite you to schedule a visit by calling +33 6 49 81 57 95.

Le Galerie Granitrans