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White Ibiza

Beauty outside. Purity inside. Surfaces with unique technical specifications, and visually stunning.

Façade and outdoor / indoor

FIRE REACTION (EUROCLASSES) UNE-EN-ISO 9239-1:2002 & ISO 1716:2002EuroclasssesA2fl s1
FLEXURAL STRENGTH UNE EN 14617-2:2005MPa24,3 – 30,1
SLIP RESISTANCE UNE EN 14231:2004USRVPolish: 5-6 wet / 44-60 dry Silken: 21 wet / 55 dry
WATER ABSORPTION UNE EN 14617-1:2005%0,041 – 0,105
COMPRESSION RESISTANCE UNE EN 14617-15:2005MPa130,6 – 137,0
APPARENT DENSITY UNE EN 14617-1:2005g/cm32,45 – 2,49
ABRASION RESISTANCE UNE-EN 14617-4:2005mm33 – 36
CHEMICAL RESISTANCE UNE EN 14617-10: 2005C1 C4Acid: C1 (material which keeps below 60% of the reflection reference value after 8h of acid attack) Alkali: C4 (material keeps at least 80% of the reflection reference value after 8h of acid or basis attack)
SURFACE HARDNESS UNI EN 101 Ceramic tiles.MOHS3 – 4

The values provided in this technical sheet are indicative and are therefore non-binding. For further information, please contact our technical department.

Technical specifications

Quality Certificates

Certificate for the marble product range (floors) referring to building and construction products according to fire resistance classes, as tested by the CTF (Fire Technology Center of the Construction Technology Institute AIDICO, Spain) pursuant to the standard UNE-EN 13501-1:07.
Greenguard mark This certificate issued by the Greenguard Environmental Institute guarantees that COMPAC products comply with indoor air quality standards covering volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The seals granted are Greenguard Indoor Air Quality Certified and Greenguard Children & Schools Certified, with the latter being one of the strictest standards in the industry.
The U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) is transforming the way we design, build, maintain and operate our buildings, homes and communities.USGBC is committed to a prosperous and sustainable future through cost-efficient and energy-saving green buildings.




  • Marble Colors Download
  • Good Practices Guide Download
  • Fitting instructions and maintenance Technological Marble Download
  • Packing List 2015/01 Technological Marble Download
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  • Safety Data Sheet 2021 Technological Marble Download
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  • Ventilated Façades Technological Marble Download
  • Declaration of Performance Perlato, Negro Diamante, Verde Serpentina, Emperador, Coralito, Perlato Tipo A, Verde Serpentina Tipo A, Coralito Tipo A, Emperador Tipo A, Negro Tipo A , Classic, White, Classic Beige, Classic Brown, Classic Grey Download
  • Declaration of Performance Marfil Stone, Marfil Albero, Blanco Micro, Blanco Aura, Afion, Dakar, Fidji, Samoa, Papua, Perla Claro, Beige Travertin, Rosa Elba, Siena, Nacarado, Caramelo, Nubia, Nubia Fog, Bering, Mandu, Auriel, Nilo, Moncayo, Argento, Beige Dune, White Faraya, Beige Faraya, White Teide, Marfil Fachada, Blanco Micro Fachadas, Afion Fachadas, Marfil Albero Fachadas, Blanco Aura Fachadas, Dakar Fachadas, Nacarado Fachadas, Caramelo Fachadas, Beige Faraya Fachada, Perla Claro Fachadas, Rosa Elba Fachadas, Sirocco, Anthracite, Palladium, Aluminum, Eneus, Sunset, Blanco Lhasa Download
  • Declaration of Performance Crema Coto, Crema Valencia, Crema Altea, Crema Altea 2009, Panama, Crema Coto Fachada, Crema Altea Fachadas, Crema Valencia Fachadas, Crema Madani, Albufera, Jura Download
  • Cleaning, conservation and maintenance manual for marble floors Marble Download


Combine them however you want
  • Albufera
  • Aluminum
  • Anthracite
  • Private: Classic Beige
  • Private: Classic Brown
  • Private: Classic Grey
  • Private: Classic White
  • Crema Madani
  • Dakar
  • Eneus
  • Jura
  • La perla
  • Beige Dune
  • Nilo
  • Palladium
  • Sirocco
  • Sunset
  • White Teide
  • Blanco Lhasa
  • Blanco Micro
  • Micro Thassos
  • White Faraya
  • Afion
  • Blanco Stone
  • Crema Altea
  • Crema Valencia
  • Nacarado
  • Beige Faraya
  • Nubia Fog
  • Marfil Stone
  • Caramelo
  • Bering
  • Travertine
  • Basalt
Complementary colors
  • Steel
  • Maple
  • Hazelnut
  • Mahogany
  • Chestnut
  • Cherry
  • Beech
  • Walnut
  • Pine
  • RAL1001
  • RAL7038
  • RAL7042
  • RAL8014
  • RAL9003
  • RAL9005
  • RAL9010
  • Light Oak
  • Dark Oak
  • Teak
  • Wengé
  • Green Glass
Recommended materials